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Organised by Lutheran Community Care Services (LCCS) and Empower Ageing (EA)

Lutheran Community Care Services (LCCS) and Empower Ageing (EA) are having a joint Flag Day 2019 to raise awareness of the importance of:

  • Reconnecting and rebuilding inter-generational family bonds
  • Breaking down walls so communication can take place freely
  • Recognising and helping the elderly reach their fullest potential 

You can be a part of this! Make a donation or better still, join as a volunteer! Volunteers will partner us to be stationed at various locations islandwide as ambassadors for the cause and handle a donation bag for the public to donate.

The three pairs of volunteers to raise the highest amounts will win attractive prizes!

Date: Saturday, April 13, 2019 
Time: 9am-6pm. 

Sign up here

About Lutheran Community Care Services (LCCS):

Lutheran Community Care Services is a local charity which has an Institution of a Public Character status. It is dedicated to serving and restoring families, children and youths-at-risk through developmental, preventive and intervention work. 

About Empower Ageing:

Empower Ageing is a  registered charity with an Institution of a Public Character status. It aims to bring  life solutions that promise the reversal of decline and seek to address root issues associated with ageing. It tries to enable every older adult to live a fulfilling life and function at the optimal level they are capable of.