Classes run for 4–16 lessons throughout 2018

Independently run by various churches and study groups

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These Bible studies are ideal for Christians looking to grow in their knowledge of the New Testament and the Old Testament, as well as explore topical issues. Students learn to observe, interpret, and apply the Scriptures in their daily lives by engaging in in-depth inductive studies laid out in an easy-to-follow daily format.

Cost: Free to attend. Relevant materials are available for purchase.

Details on courses, dates and times can be found here.

About Precept Ministries:
Precept Upon Precept trains students to view the Word biblically, study Scripture inductively, and become exemplary followers of Christ and the Church. These unique inductive studies have been developed from years of diligent study and teaching experience, and are being used in approximately 184 countries and nearly 70 languages, to help establish people in God’s Word.