January-July, 2018

Sterling Campus, 2985 Jalan Bukit Merah, Singapore 159457

85fifteen : unsplash (Sterling GAP Series)

The GAP Series courses explore big questions about faith and paint a fuller
picture of God’s design for the various disciplines in life: Philosophy, maths
and science, psychology, arts and sociology, government, law and
economics. It is ideal for people with spare time or a short gap between jobs
or starting school. Courses are held twice a year from January to July.

Schedule: Monday, Wednesday & Friday, 9am-12pm

Cost: S$125–S$250 *depending on course

Find out more about course dates, venues and registration here.

About Sterling Campus:

Sterling Campus offers courses, seminars, workshops and customised programmes to educate and equip believers on the many aspects of the kingdom of God. Its aim is to embolden Christians to embrace their unique role in working alongside Christ as He makes all things new.