September 20-29, 2019

Far East Plaza, Level 2 Concourse, #01-79-81, 14 Scotts Rd, Singapore 228213



Organised by The Bible Society of Singapore

SOW CARE, a ministry of The Bible Society of Singapore, will be hosting an exhibition on the lives of guest workers in partnership with Hope Initiative Alliance and and some 70 other organisations. Titled “Walking In Your Shoes” the exhibition seeks to appreciate these guest workers who have left their homes in search of better opportunities for both their families and themselves.

Come and be challenged to walk in their shoes as you learn their struggles, and experience their everyday routines at work and in dormitories.

Through the exhibition, you will also catch a glimpse of their lives beyond being guest workers in Singapore, and come to know their inspiring stories of hope, dreams and sacrifice.

Cost: Free

Date: Friday-Sunday, September 20-29, 2019

More details here.

Organised by SOW CARE:

SOW CARE is a ministry of The Bible Society of Singapore that aims to reach marginalised and vulnerable communities in Singapore, such as guest workers.