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June 2, 2020



Photo by Samantha Borges on Unsplash.


Pre-pandemic era worship services were conducted live with a full congregation of worshippers on-site. So, AV systems then were designed and operated to support such live location requirements.

Today, with social distancing, hybrid worship services are conducted with a majority of the congregation worshipping from their homes instead.

Come and find out how your church can enhance your hybrid or streaming services and the technical considerations required to do so.

The session will touch on:

  • How churches can continue to cater to on-site worshippers and stream the same worship experience to the home worshippers simultaneously.
  • Whether your existing AV system will suffice or additional complementary equipment is required.
  • Techniques and considerations that can help create a great experience for worshippers at home.

This session addresses all the key technical components needed to support a proper hybrid worship service, and will touch on the Art and Tech needed to enhance audio and visuals for that immersive and engaging experience of a sanctuary within the confines of homes.

Who should attend:

  • Church management
  • Church technical team
  • Church worship ministries
  • Volunteers responsible for AV operations and streaming

Robert Soo, founder and Principal Consultant at Cogent Acoustics, has been in the music and audio industry since the mid ’80s. He has been involved in numerous design consultations for churches in Singapore and has also conducted AV-related training for churches in Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines.

Soo also served as both Technical Director and Worship Pastor of a 10,000-member church for over seven years during the ’90s, giving him expertise in the AV realm and putting him in a unique position to understand the needs of church ministries.

Date: June 2, 2021

Time: 8pm

Cost: Free

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About the organiser:
Systems Integration Asia (SI Asia) is a trade publication dedicated to the professional audio-visual industry, technology managers and end-users in key vertical markets such as education, corporate, hospitality, healthcare, oil and gas, and government in the Asia Pacific as well as the Middle East.

Each issue gives an overview of what is happening in the industry, discusses technology advances and market trends, and highlights views and opinions of industry players.