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EQUIP is a lay training initiative of Trinity Theological College. EQUIP courses are designed with lay Christians in mind and offer theological education for Christians who desire to be well equipped to live out their faith in Jesus Christ, and for effective and faithful ministry.

EQUIP courses offer a range of topics in systematic theology, biblical studies, missions, church history, ministry and current issues.

The courses are engaged with depth by EQUIP instructors that include both TTC faculty and other guest lecturers, all of whom are highly qualified subject matter experts in their fields. 

Q2 2024 courses are open for registration now.

Introducing World Religions: Asian Religions and Christian Faith

Rev Dr Andrew Peh
Required course for the Licentiate in Mission Practice

An introductory course for Christians to the main religious traditions of Asia. While avoiding being combative, this course takes a serious and respectful approach to learning about Asian religions while not ignoring the essential truth-claims of the Christian faith. This course seeks to be accurate in learning about the religious traditions of our neighbours and includes the following topics:

  • how and why should Christians learn about religions
  • Indian religions
  • Chinese religions
  • Buddhism
  • the Judeo-Christian tradition
  • Islam
  • religion and society; the theology of religion

About Rev Dr Andrew Peh, PhD 

Rev Peh has a PhD from Asbury Theological Seminary. He lectures in the area of mission and mission history at Trinity Theological College. His interests are in the history of Christianity in Asia and mission trends in the 21st century. He also serves in the Chinese Annual Conference of the Methodist Church in Singapore as a diaconal minister appointed to Charis Methodist Church.

Time: 7.30pm-9.30pm

Date: March 18-April 29, 2024 (weekly)

Venue: Zoom

100,000 Sundays: The History of Christian Worship and Its Ongoing Relevance for Today

Debbie Wong

For 2,000 years (approximately 100,000 Sundays), Christians have been worshipping. Over the course of this time, the forms, perspectives and practices of Christian worship have varied greatly. Yet, some Christians might think that the current state of worship is the way it always has been.

This course will dispel that notion by providing an orientation to the large periods and sweeps of Christian worship history even as it highlights some recurring issues still relevant to the worship of churches today.

Through a historical examination of these developments, students can gain a better perspective of the presumptions current-day worshippers have about what is considered “normal” and “standard”.

About Debbie Wong

Debbie has been actively involved in church ministry since 2004 as a worship leader and musician, and has had the privilege to lead and teach worship across Asia and in the United States.

Originally from Singapore, she moved to North Carolina in 2016 to pursue a Master of Divinity at Duke Divinity School, where she is currently working towards a ThD in Liturgical studies. Her work focuses on worship and formation, with an emphasis on the history, theology, and practice of contemporary and charismatic expressions of praise and worship. 

Debbie is a contributor to the edited volume Flow: The Ancient Way to Do Contemporary Worship (Abingdon, 2020), and currently serves as the worship leader at First United Methodist Church in Cary, NC. She remains a member of Barker Road Methodist Church in Singapore. 

Time: 7.30pm-9.30pm

Date: March 19-April 30, 2024 (weekly)

Venue: Zoom

A Christian Perspective on Happiness and Freedom

Khaw Siew Ping

This course explores human flourishing from a Christian perspective and answers questions such as: What is the place of Happiness and Freedom in the Christian life? How do modern notions of Happiness and Freedom compare with their Judeo-Christian counterparts?

About Khaw Siew Ping

Siew Ping is pursuing a Doctorate in Theology at Trinity Theological College. She has been a teacher, home-maker and church worker involved in a variety of ministries from preaching and administration to drama and worship. Siew Ping has been a member of St. John’s-St. Margaret’s Church for more than three decades.

Time: 7.30pm-9.30pm

Date: March 20-May 15, 2024 (weekly)

Venue: Zoom

Old Testament Survey

Dr Yee Chin Hong

* Required course for the Certificate in Mission Practice
* Required course for Local Preacher Licence (in collaboration with Chinese & Trinity Annual Conferences of The Methodist Church in Singapore)

A survey of the Old Testament books in their literary, historical and theological contexts. This course will highlight the message of each book, the broad strokes of Old Testament history, key motifs and themes, the importance of the Old Testament for understanding the New, and its relevance to Christian living and ministry.

About Dr Yee Chin Hong

Dr Yee teaches Old Testament at Trinity Theological College. Before joining TTC in 2020, he was on the staff of Cru Singapore (1994-2019), serving in various capacities, including student ministry, short-term missions and teaching. He and his family worship at Bethel Presbyterian Church.

Time: 7.30pm-9.30pm

Date: March 21-May 9, 2024 (weekly)

Venue: Zoom

The Church That Listens: Counselling Essentials for Ministry

Gary Koh

This course is designed to equip church members with the skills and knowledge they need to provide counselling support to others in their community. Participants will learn about the basics of counselling, including how to build rapport, listen effectively, and respond in a helpful and supportive way. They will also have the opportunity to practise their skills in a safe and supportive environment.

Maximum class size is limited to 30 participants as course activities involve movement, practical observations and art.

About Gary Koh

Gary is a family counsellor who has spent the past 24 years working with couples, parents and youths. A pastor at heart, he has served as a full-time minister and previously headed a team of counsellors at a local school. He speaks regularly at community events, churches and schools on family, marriage, and issues pertaining to sexuality and mental health. He now serves as family and missions pastor at Bethesda Bedok-Tampines Church.

Time: 8.30am-1pm

Date: May 13-May 27, 2024 (weekly)

Venue: TTC

Click here for more information on the courses and to register

About the Organiser:
Trinity Theological College (TTC) is one of the oldest seminaries in Singapore. Since 1948, it has been equipping Christians from a wide spectrum of churches, ethnicities and nationalities for ministry as pastors, missionaries and para-church workers. It has also trained those among the laity who want to be equipped to serve their churches better and to become more effective witnesses for Christ through their vocations in society.

The TTC faculty remains one of the most qualified in the region. Made up of Singaporeans who understand the local and Asian contexts, they are rooted in their local churches and denominations, and committed to their service. They not only teach, research and publish, but also provide pastoral guidance in their mentorship of students.

The primary goal of their curriculum is to teach and transmit the apostolic faith so that, in turn, the students may bear authentic Christian witness in a complex and changing world.