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August 30, 2023



Photo by Thirdman.


Come for an enlightening evening designed to reignite the unique flame within you. This flame – your innate strength, gift, purpose, and passion – can lead you to unparalleled growth and outcomes when fully realised.

Everyone has a “flame”, a unique strength, gift, purpose and passion. When you are using it fully, you are at your optimal and you will see growth and good outcomes.

The bridge between the person that you are now and the things that you want to create in life is called the Core Process, which is unique to every person. However, many people are unsure or ignorant of their unique strengths and Core Process. Hence their destiny, fulfilment, happiness and paths remain hidden.

This event will help you uncover the hidden path by discovering your Core Process. You can have greater clarity in discovering this by learning to hear the voice of God, asking the right questions and positioning yourself to receive from Him.

What you will learn

  • Uncover your unique strengths and Core Process.
  • Learn to discern the divine guidance in your business, career and life.
  • Master techniques for decisive questioning and receive insightful direction.
  • Utilise spiritual principles for influential dominance in the marketplace.

Who should attend

  • Entrepreneurs and marketplace believers seeking growth and transformation for success;
  • Those wanting to deepen faith and grasp their work’s divine calling;
  • Faith-driven individuals eager to unlock their potentials for purposeful living.

About the speaker

Jeff Yuen is a prophetically gifted marketplace minister, consultant and speaker who has taught in corporate conferences, development engagements and workshops across Asia. He will guide you in understanding how transformational principles and developing astute spiritual abilities will help you to be truly formidable in your sphere of influence, be it in the marketplace or other arenas.

Special invitation: Bring a pre-believing friend

Share this enlightening experience with a friend who may be seeking or on the path to questioning the Christian belief. Inspire them on this spiritual journey and encourage them to discover how God still speaks to us audibly and why He cares if we flourish in our work.

Don’t miss this opportunity to discover your destiny for radical transformation. 

Date: August 30, 2023

Time: 7.30pm-9.30pm (Seating begins at 7pm)

Venue: CT Hub 2 #13-71 (Access by Lift Lobby 2)
               114 Lavender Street, Singapore 338729

Cost: Free

Click here to register.

About the organiser:
Established in 2000, GBN Marketplace Ministry is an independent not-for-profit Christian marketplace ministry headquartered in Singapore. Its primary calling is to impact lives by bringing transformation to the marketplace and then to communities, cities and nations.

GBN works with all churches and para-church organisations as strategic partners to impact the marketplace and bring about community transformation.