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Novermber 14 - 29

Zoom seminar

Oct - Haggai International (Photo by Polina Rytova on Unsplash)

Photo by Polina Rytova on Unsplash.


Strategically positioned, influential Christian leaders are catalysts for transformation in individual lives and communities, resulting in nations being redeemed for God. Such leaders need equipping and encouragement to achieve exponential impact and sustainable momentum.

Haggai Singapore National Leadership Seminar 2020 equips Christian leaders to achieve exponential impact and sustainable momentum.

Over 30 sessions in three weeks, come and be inspired, equipped and motivated to make a difference across the globe. Be partners of God to fulfil His last command and our first concern – to end Gospel poverty.

Over 122,000 strategically positioned leaders in 189 nations have already committed themselves to this mission.

Dates:  November 14-November 29, 2020 (November 7 Orientation)

Time: Nov 14 8am-6pm (6 sessions)
Nov 15 1pm-6pm (3 sessions)
Nov 21 8am-6pm (6 sessions)
Nov 22 1pm-7.30pm (4 sessions)
Nov 25 7pm-9.45pm (2 sessions)
Nov 28 8am-6pm (6 sessions)
Nov 29 1pm-6pm (3 sessions)

Cost: S$195

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For more information, email hisgpnls@gmail.com

About the Organiser:
The Haggai Alumni Association Singapore comprise graduates of Haggai International. Haggai International aims to see every nation redeemed and transformed through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. At the core of our mission are strategically positioned leaders who are multiplying their influence with one purpose in mind — to end Gospel poverty. Our mission is to equip and inspire those leaders to more effectively demonstrate and present the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to prepare others to do the same.