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November 29, 2022



Photo by Eugene Chystiakov on Unsplash.


What do you do when life brings you down, when difficulties abound and solutions are nowhere in sight?

Do you shelter your children from tough times or do you let them work things out on their own?

What makes one person stand tall in adversity and another fall? Can resilience be taught?

This month on Salt&Light Family Night, we ask: How do I build resilience in my family? Join our panellists as they share what it means to be resilient:

  • Margaret Ong
    She knows exactly what it means to love her husband “in sickness and in health”. For 14 years, Margaret Ong cared for him as he became more and more detached from reality because of his schizophrenia. Today, he no longer acknowledges her. He believes she is either dead or they are divorced and he has since remarried. Yet, she continues to love him. Because of her experience, Margaret now gives talks about being resilient.

  • Jaryl Wee
    Jaryl was adopted from Myanmar. Having had a mental breakdown, he understands mental health challenges of youths and now supports young people in his community in this area. He is in his final year at a polytechnic and leads the praying polytechnic students’ movement, Poly Revival.

  • Dr Joseph Leong
    Dr Leong is a Senior Consultant Psychiatrist at Promises Healthcare and the President of the Association for Psychiatric Rehabilitation, Singapore. He has spoken at both regional and international events on issues regarding mental health. In 2020 to 2021, he was a speaker for the UK government on mental health resilience. He is also actively involved in the Father’s Movement in Singapore.

Date: November 29, 2022  

Time: 8.30pm–10pm

Cost:  Free

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About the hosts:
Carol Loi is a digital literacy educator, and leadership and family coach. A John Maxwell Certified Trainer for leadership and communication skills, she is also the founder of Village Consultancy, an organisation dedicated to equipping families, educators and children to be leaders and influencers both online and offline.

Alex Tee is a former banker turned home-schooling father and impact investor. He has been married to Channy for over 12 years and they have three children aged 10, nine and seven. The deepest desire of their hearts is to prayerfully raise children to be part of a family who seeks first the kingdom of God and His righteousness. Besides the passion to raise strong children, he also loves connecting the rich and the poor through impact investing.

About the organiser:
Salt&Light is an independent, non-profit Christian news and devotional website with a passion for Kingdom unity, and a vision of inspiring faith to arise in the marketplace.