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June 29, 2020

Zoom chat show and Q&A

Bully - Photo by Ilayza Macayan on Unsplash

Photo by Ilayza Macayan on Unsplash.


In March this year, ITE expelled a student caught on video bullying another.  

Last December, the case of a 14-year-old student who endured sustained bullying in school and online made the news. The girl has dyslexia.

She was so distraught by the bullying that she attempted suicide and ended up being hospitalised for 12 days. The teen even handwrote a letter to Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong urging him to improve the way schools and the Ministry of Education deal with bullying.

Why are the young picking on their own? Why do they target the vulnerable? How can we – families, schools, society, the church – help both the victim and the bully?

On the panel for this edition are:

  • Chong Ee Jay
    Chong is the Deputy Head of FamChamps Singapore, a values-driven student initiative that promotes families and aims to raise future family champions. A counsellor as well as champion of families and digital literacy, Chong has personal experience with bullying.
  • Andrew Kang
    Kang, a father of four, was a former Vice Principal and Head of Department in charge of Pupil Management. He is now CEO of Tcher Online. 
  • Jocelin Tan
    CA mother whose daughter had endured bullying and who has journeyed with families who have experienced the same.

Join hosts Carol Loi and Alex Tee as they navigate this difficult topic together with the panellists and answer your questions on bullying.

Date: June 29, 2021

Time: 8.30m-10pm

Cost: Free

Register at:

About the Organiser:
Satl&Light is a Christian news digital platform where believers can unite in spirit and purpose to see God in the 9-to-5, to influence and to impact, to find meaning in the mundane and to wrestle with doubt and despair in faith – and find amazing grace for the journey ahead.

About the Hosts:
Carol Loi is the International Director of Generations of Virtue, a ministry committed to transforming culture, one family at a time. She runs a social enterprise Village Consultancy that provides digital literacy education as well as John Maxwell Certified training on leadership & family life. She and her husband are raising two teenagers.

Alex Tee is a former banker who left the corporate world to home-school his three young children. His deepest desire is to prayerfully raise children who seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness. He is part of the Elijah 7000 group of fathers who meet every Saturday at dawn to intercede for families and the nation.