Let's pray. Photo: Ben White/Unsplash.com

Let's pray. Photo: Ben White/Unsplash.com

As the COVID-19 coronavirus continues to dominate headlines in Singapore, with some church leaders and worship services affected, the leaders of the LoveSingapore unity and prayer movement have called for believers to unite in prayer at noon every day – a movement dubbed PraySingapore@12.

BE STILL, and know that I am God. I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth! (Psalm 46:10)

“Wherever we are, at 12pm – noon – we will pause and pray together for Singapore. We will synchronise prayers daily at 12noon sharp. We will set our phone alarms to ring at 12noon. Imagine all our alarms ringing at the same time across the city!” LoveSingapore said on February 14, when the movement was launched.

“For as long as the Spirit leads – go five minutes or 15 minutes or one hour. Our God hears. Our God sees. Our God will act!”

Added LoveSingapore in its message distributed to local churches: “For such a time as this, unity is the key. We believe in the power of prayer agreement. For such a time as this, we need every believer to arise and seek God together for Singapore. A prophetic act, just like the ringing of church bells, summoning the faithful to action when their village or town is threatened.”

PraySingapore@12 Prayer Guide


These were the prayer pointers suggested by LoveSingapore:

Our eyes on God

Facing the many unknowns, we turn to God and acknowledge who He is:

• He is all-knowing. Nothing is a mystery to Him.
• He is all-present. Nothing escapes His attention.
• He is all-powerful. Nothing is too hard for Him.
• He is all-wise. He never makes a mistake.
• He is all-loving. He always acts in our best interest.
• He is all-merciful. He is our very present help in trouble.
• He is our Sovereign King. He is the Ruler of everything.
• He is God our Father. He has a future and a plan for Singapore.

Our cry for Singapore

Feeling the anxiety all around us, we cry out to God on behalf of:

• MOH: Wisdom to do the right thing at the right time in the right way.
• Healthcare Workers: Divine protection, strong immunity, great stamina.
• The Afflicted: Accurate diagnosis, swift recovery, miracle healing.
• Researchers: Divine favour, eureka moments, revolutionary breakthroughs.
• Pastors: Discernment and courage to lead the way, zeal to persevere.
• Christians: Faith to overcome fear, love to reach out selflessly.
• Unsaved: Divine encounters, many turning to the Prince of Peace.
• Fellow Singaporeans: Deeper bonding, stronger social cohesion.
• The Global Situation: Dramatic turnaround, viral stories for God’s glory.

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