“You’ve really got to be right at the bottom of the pit to see God’s miracles happen,” said Michael See, a father of eight.

In the early years of marriage, he and wife Karen were prepared to be childless, after Karen was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).

Sixteen years later, the couple now have eight children.

The family lives a humble lifestyle with Michael as the sole breadwinner. They have no car, no childcare or tuition for the kids, no confinement nanny or domestic helper.

“Some people felt that we were ‘very poor thing’, like we have no money at all, but actually we’re quite okay. We’re quite happy too,” said eldest child Ariel, 16.

Michael tries his best to be intentional in his parenting. He told Salt&Light: “Right from the start, we always tell them that their values are more important to us than their results.

“The important thing about their studies is that they do their best. We will love them whatever their best is.”

This Father’s Day, Karen and the older children shared their wishes for their loving head of the household.