As the nation enjoys more freedom in Phase 2, many of the healthy workers living on board the cruise ships – and thousands more in other facilities – are still not able to leave their accommodation.

“It’s mentally stressful for me. I would feel more at peace if I could return to work,” said 26-year-old Uthayakumar, an Indian national living on SuperStar Gemini.

He was speaking to Salt&Light at an engagement session held by HealthServe last Tuesday (June 30), which he said was the first time in 50 days that he has stepped off the ship.

At the two-hour programme, the workers were free to choose from a variety of activities to do, from exercises and stretching to thrift shopping and card games.

“It has been many days since we have laughed,” said Uthayakumar. “It would be nice if we had something like this every day!” Read the full story here.