A simple heart operation ran into serious complications for veteran actor, Moses Lim. Video screenshot by Thirst Collective.

Do you remember “Moses-Lim-is-Tan-Ah-Teck?” from the theme song of Channel 5’s Under One Roof?   

That was more than 20 years ago! Time flies, time flies.

You may also remember me in 搞笑行动 or Comedy Night.

Today, I’m a 70-year-old lao ah pek (old man). And when a person grows old, there are a lot of spare parts inside that tend to be sangkut here, sangkut there (not functioning properly), salah here, salah there (wrong). 

But what I want to say is that God answers prayers. 

“I bled almost every day”

I still remember a couple of years ago, I went through a minor heart operation, where they had to put in a balloon. According to the doctor, this was a very simple operation, nothing major; in one or two weeks, everything would be over. 

After I did the operation, unfortunately, my blood vessel somehow leaked and formed a blood clot. Once there was a blood clot, I had to go for another operation.

“Miraculously, after two and a half months, my wound was healed, praise the Lord!”

But unfortunately, by clearing that, it caused the wound to become a major wound, as big as a cup of coffee.

So after that operation, though the blood clot was gone, I bled almost every day. I had to stay in the hospital for almost three weeks. 

I remember one of the mornings, when I went for a “cleaning session”, I asked my doctor: “How long do you think the wound will take to heal?”

The doctor said: “Well, maybe six months, or maybe nine months.” 

I was shocked. Six months to nine months?

He said: “It can’t be helped because it can’t be stitched. You have to let it grow back slowly.”

So boh pian (no choice). I had to face it. 

Power of prayer

But as a Christian, I prayed. 

And a lot of friends around my area, and from different churches that got to know that I was suffering, prayed for me. 

And then – miraculously – after two and a half months, my wound was healed, praise the Lord! 

At that point, I realised that God answers prayers.

God will listen to what you ask for and God will answer according to His timing, according to what He thinks is right.

And He may fulfil your prayer and give you even more than you asked for.

So, we would like to invite you to the Celebration of Hope. It’s on the 17 to 19 May 2019 at the Singapore National Stadium.

Remember hor?


This article was adapted from Moses Lim’s video, first published on the Celebration of Hope’s Facebook page. Have you been searching for hope? Find out more at Celebration of Hope.

About the author

Moses Lim

Moses Lim is a living legend in the local entertainment scene. During the 1990’s, he co-hosted the longest running and highly rated variety show Comedy Night [搞笑行动]. He was also the lead in the local favourite English sitcom Under One Roof which received Asia TV Awards recognition; Moses himself received the Best Actor Award for his iconic character on the show. It was the first time a Mandarin channel 8 artiste crossed over successfully to the English Channel 5, and Moses also became the first Singaporean to win the Asian Television Awards for Best Male Actor in a comedy.