Hock Chye with Peh Muay

Incoming Cru Singapore's country leader Goh Hock Chye with wife Peh Muay, who is also a faciltator with Cru Singapore. All photos courtesy of Cru Singapore.

From next Thursday (October 1), Goh Hock Chye, 49, will lead parachurch organisation Cru Singapore, after taking over from its current country leader of 14 years, Lam Kok Hiang, 58.  

“Leadership succession and renewal is key in any organisation. In 2018, after 12 years at the helm, I felt led by God to start transiting out of my role,” said Lam.  

Current Cru Singapore's country leader Lam Kok Hiang in his office

Current Cru Singapore’s country leader Lam Kok Hiang in his office.

He then sought the counsel of Cru’s global leaders, Cru Asia Limited (CAL) board of directors and his leadership team. They were supportive and launched a selection process to identify and interview potential candidates last year.  

Goh’s first involvement with Cru began way back in his university days.

The board appointed Goh Hock Chye, whose first involvement with Cru began way back in his university days at the National University of Singapore. Since 1995, he has been a staff member of Cru Singapore and was appointed the organisation’s head of operations in 2006.  Since the start of the year, he has been serving as its deputy country leader.  

Goh, along with his wife Peh Muay and their three daughters Dorothy, Tiffany and Christabel, worship at Bethesda (Bedok-Tampines) Church, where he is also serving as an Elder and co-leading a cluster of eight cell groups with his wife.

“I’m keenly aware of the awesome responsibility of leading this great movement and I feel privileged and excited,” said Goh, who shared that the word “Hineni” came to him providentially after he sought God for direction through an extended season of fasting and praying. “Hineni” is Hebrew for “Here I am” or “Here am I”.  

Hock Chye with his wife and three daughters, alongside speaker Josh McDowell

Hock Chye with his wife and three daughters, alongside speaker Josh McDowell.

“I recognise, as I answer His call, that this is another turning point for me and a potentially life-changing moment. Even as I have responded ‘Hineni!’, the Great I AM responds similarly and makes Himself available to me,” he added.  

Rethinking ministry in challenging times

The first order of the day, Goh told Salt&Light, is to refresh Cru Singapore’s vision and mission, as well as reassess where it has been, so that it can continue to unite all its stakeholders in fulfilling the Great Commission. 

This is crucial because the pandemic has forced Cru to rethink how it would do ministry in the future, said Lam, and the leadership transition will give the new leader and his leadership team the opportunity to forge new ministry pathways and priorities during Covid-19 and thereafter. 

The word “Hineni” (“Here I am”) came to him providentially after he sought God for direction.

Goh is well-placed to do so, noted his predecessor, as his astute mind in problem-solving and wisdom in managing people have helped shape its operations into a model for best practices within Cru’s global movement.

He was also enrolled in the year-long Lake Hart stint programme at Cru’s Global HQ in Florida from 2009 to 2010 which afforded him key takeaways from being exposed to the work done there, said Lam.  

In these challenging times, Cru Singapore must press on in the right direction in order to reach its destination, wrote Lam in his latest devotional letter posted on Cru Singapore’s website. He will continue to write these letters, upon the request of its incoming leader, as the pieces have ministered to many people over the years.   

“Staying the course requires us to remain faithful to our calling and mission. Cru Singapore’s core commitment to help fulfil the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20) has not changed,” said Lam.  

Kok Hiang addressing staff and donors

Kok Hiang addressing staff and donors at a Cru Singapore dinner in 2019.

With its heritage of more than 48 years of ministry experience and growing partnerships, the task ahead is to continue to build upon the legacy forged by its predecessors to advance the Great Commission through reaching, building and sending people in Singapore and beyond. 

Lam started out as a “somewhat reluctant” leader, but he said God helped him to enjoy his role over time and stretched him through the challenges that came with the job. 

“Kok Hiang and I are committed to working closely together to guide Cru Singapore to be faithful to its calling.” 

“My leadership journey has pushed me into many faith adventures and given me opportunities to experience God’s grace and faithfulness through the highs and lows,” he added.  

A spokesman from Cru Singapore said Lam developed both depth and diversity in its ministry offerings, enabling it to reach out to a wider audience during his tenure.  

He launched ministries such as The Significant Project, Athletes in Action Singapore and FamilyLife Singapore and spearheaded Cru Singapore’s name-change from its previous name, Singapore Campus Crusade for Christ, to communicate its objectives of building and sending disciples beyond campuses.  

Lam was integral in bringing about stronger corporate governance through setting up its corporate office and building a strong team of board of directors, added the spokesman. His dream to bring all Cru Singapore’s field ministries and media ministry under one roof as a one-stop ministry hub was also realised in 2014. 

Goh was offered the role to lead Cru Singapore well before the Covid-19 pandemic in September last year. 

Hock Chye with Steve Douglas, Cru's Global President, and Kok Hiang

Hock Chye with Steve Douglas, Cru’s Global President, and Kok Hiang.

During this period of leadership transition, Lam asks for prayers and support for Goh and his team.  

“The role of Country Leader in a Christian non-profit organisation is extremely demanding and any success can only come about through the grace of God,” said Lam who is currently coaching the new leader in the intricacies of the role.  

Lam will remain on staff with Cru after the handover and continue contributing in another role.    

Said Goh: “Though our titles may change and our roles will soon be reversed, one thing remains – Kok Hiang and I are committed to working closely together to guide Cru Singapore to be faithful to its calling.” 

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