Photo by Samantha Gades on Unsplash.

Photo by Samantha Gades on Unsplash.

The decision to permit same-sex marriages by the Methodist Church in Britain has no influence nor impact on the position of The Methodist Church in Singapore (MCS), which holds to its stance that holy matrimony is between a man and a woman.

“Human sexuality is a gift of God. Sexual intercourse is a sacred experience only when it is accompanied by the love and fidelity of a holy matrimony between a man and a woman,” said MCS in a statement today (July 2). “We believe that sexual intercourse outside the bonds of matrimony is contrary to the will of God.”

“Everyone needs the healing and transforming power of God’s grace and the welcoming hospitality of the church.”

On Wednesday (June 30), The Methodist Church in Britain (MCB) passed a vote to permit same-sex marriages, becoming the largest religious denomination in Britain to do so. 

Noting that each national Methodist Church is responsible for its own position on this matter, MCS in its statement reiterated its position, which is “clearly stated” in their Social Principles.

It acknowledged that the issue of sexuality is divisive as it is “deeply personal to our identity” and an important part – albeit not the only characteristic – of our humanity.

“However, the fallen human condition also includes sexual brokenness, the condition by which our perception of sex has distorted what God has intended sex to be,” it said.

Controversial vote

At the British Methodist Conference 2021 on Wednesday (June 30), a controversial vote to change the definition of marriage was passed by 254 to 46 votes. 

The Conference has amended these Standing Orders: 

“The Methodist Church believes that marriage is a gift of God and that it is God’s intention that a marriage should be is given by God to be a particular channel of God’s grace, and that it is in accord with God’s purposes when a marriage is a life-long union in body, mind and spirit of one man and one woman two people who freely enter it.

Within the Methodist Church this is understood in two ways: that marriage can only be between a man and a woman; that marriage can be between any two people. The Methodist Church affirms both understandings and makes provision in its Standing Orders for them.”

It allows for Methodist ministers to refuse to officiate at a same-sex couple marriage for reasons of conscience, but in so doing are to refer them to another minister who is not so prevented, and also to inform the District Chair. 

The Methodist Church is the UK’s fourth largest Christian denomination, with a membership of around 164,000.

Church must “grow in holiness”

The Methodist Church in Singapore added in its letter that sexual brokenness afflicts all humanity and is manifested in several ways, “including the exploitation of sex, addiction to pornography, same-sex attraction and gender dysphoria”.

It adds that the fundamental ground of a Christian’s identity is found in Christ alone, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, social status or sexuality.

“Everyone needs the healing and transforming power of God’s grace and the welcoming hospitality of the church. 

“The Church should minister and guide with faithfulness, courage and love, that out of our brokenness we may grow in holiness.”


Methodist Church in Singapore affirms that marriage can only be between one man and woman

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