Margaret Seaward grew up as the child of American missionary parents in 1940s pre-war China, speaking only Mandarin until the age of five.

Life would take a perilous turn for the family when the Second World War descended upon the country. At the tender age of 12, Margaret would become a Prisoner of War and then imprisoned in a Japanese internment camp in China for six months. 

The tumultuous period ended when the family was deported back to America as part of a Prisoner of War exchange between Japan and America. 

Even with this traumatic experience, Rev Dr Margaret Seaward, or Sister Margaret Seaward as she is now known to many, still returned to Asia in 1955, travelling by ship to Singapore with her husband, the late Rev Dr Fred Seaward. In Singapore, they made a home for themselves as missionaries and church planters.

Sister Margaret Seaward shares her experience of the baptism of the Holy Spirit in this interview by Edric Sng.