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Lighthouse Evangelism's Woodlands and Tampines premises were packed as people came to experience God's powerful healing presence at the first night of the HEAL Singapore rally. The final rally takes place tonight (Saturday, Oct 14). Photos courtesy of Lighthouse Evangelism unless otherwise stated.

Attendees started streaming into Lighthouse Evangelism Woodlands Church at 4pm, even though doors were not due to open for another two-and-a-half hours.

Some came in wheelchairs. Others had hurts and wounds unseen to the eye, but known by God.

They had streamed in for the inaugural HEAL Singapore rally last night (October 13). 

Acknowledging the Healer

When doors finally opened at Lighthouse Evangelism Woodlands, prayer teams from the church and partner churches – 3:16 Church, Bethesda Cathedral, Glory Sanctuary, Hope Church, Sembawang Assembly of God, New Life Community Church and Christian organisation Jesus Heal Me – prayed for attendees. Prayers were taking place at the front of the stage, and on all four floors of the church.

Prayer teams ministered to attendees over four floors of the church even before the service began. Photo by Gemma Koh.

The first (October 13) of two nights of the healing rally drew 4,400 people.

Prayers were taking place at the front of the stage, and on all four floors of the church.

Attendees from other countries including Thailand and Vietnam flew in specially to attend the rally.

About 3,200 people attended the rally in-person at Lighthouse Evangelism Woodlands, and another 1,200 attended the live telecast at the church’s Tampines location.

“You are either here to pray for someone, or you want someone to be touched,” said emcee Pastor Lawrence Khoo from Lighthouse Evangelism. The proceedings were translated into Mandarin.

At Woodlands, every available seat, even outside the auditorium, was filled. Ushers and helpers were urged to give up their seats. 

Led by the worship team, the song “His Name is Jesus” proclaimed: “The Healer is in this room.” Photo by Gemma Koh.

The Spirit of God was felt from the opening song, This is Amazing Grace, even before the song His Name is Jesus proclaimed: “The Healer is in this room.”

“We need to sing praise and acknowledge the Healer,” said Ps Lawrence. “We invite His healing power to be with us right now.”

“Lord, I receive your rain”

Lighthouse Evangelism‘s Senior Pastor Pacer Tan told those gathered: “I want to set you up for your healing tonight.

“During the worship I saw something very powerful. I saw a picture of the rain of God falling on this place.

“We have a desire to see the Lord heal our land. And God has a desire to do that.”

A total of 4,400 attendees filled Lighthouse Evangelism Woodlands and its Tampines campus for the first night of the rally.

He told the audience: “You need to approach Him with humility. And say, ‘God I really want a touch from you.’

“Where ever you are – in Woodlands or Tampines or in overflow rooms outside – take a moment to lift up both hands to the Lord and see the rain.

“And whisper in your hearts, ‘Lord, I receive your rain.'”

No spirit more powerful than the Holy Spirit

“We are in for a wonderful treat of the Holy Spirit,” said Ps Pacer, welcoming evangelist and healing minister David Diga Hernandez to the stage. 

“The Holy Spirit can do more in a minute than we can in a lifetime. Let Him do His work.”

The 34-year-old evangelist from Southern California is in Singapore to speak and minister to the Singapore audience during the two-night HEAL Singapore rally (October 13-14).

David started by asking those gathered to stand and raise both hands to invite the presence of the Holy Spirit to fill the room. 

“The Holy Spirit can do more in a minute than we can in a lifetime. Let Him do His work. Even you in the balconies, the power of God is touching You,” he told those gathered.

“All things are possible – only believe.”

He shared with the audience his personal story of how he grew up in a church where his dad was a pastor and his grandparents were in ministry. 

He also revealed that, generations ago, there was a warlock in his family.

“No matter what spirit is coming against you, there is no spirit more powerful than the Holy Spirit,” he said. 

David Diga Hernandez (left) leading everyone to be still in the presence of the Holy Spirit.

David Diga ministering to a woman in the audience.

Testifying to being healed by the Holy Spirit.

He also shared how he had known Jesus “philosophically, historically and socially”, but had not known Him personally. He had also suffered from depression, anxiety and night terrors from the age of seven.

At the age of 11, he told his father: “Dad, I don’t know Jesus. I need to meet Jesus.” 

He encountered the Holy Spirit after he had exhausted his emotions, mind and body.

“When we come to the end of ourselves, that’s when the Holy Spirt begins to move. God responds to faith.”

“I surrender all”

As the audience sang I Surrender All, David invited them to pray after him: “Holy Spirit, I hunger for Your presence. Whatever you have in store for me, I receive it now.”

Heal Singapore

Attendee Ivy Lim sharing how the acute pain in the tendon of her left leg was healed.

A child being prayed for at his request.

As the band played Hallelujah, David prayed for “knees, arms, backs to be healed”, “eyes to be open in the name of Jesus” and rebuked skin diseases and tumours.

“Something is happening here, Church. The healing power of Lord is flowing across this room.”

Urging people to “test your legs, your arms, and see if you are healed”, he invited those who believed that they had been healed to come to the front to testify of the Lord’s healing power. 

He also invited those who were ready to receive Jesus as their Saviour to stand, then invited Pastor Pacer to lead them to the Lord.

“If you haven’t put your faith in Jesus, make Jesus your Saviour and Lord. Choose today to follow Him. Today the Holy Spirit is calling you,” he said in closing. 

Catch the final HEAL Singapore service tonight (Saturday, October 14) at 7.30pm. Details below.

HEAL Singapore 

Date: Friday October 13, and Saturday October 14, 2023

Time: 7.30pm


Lighthouse Evangelism Woodlands (live)
81 Woodlands Circle
Singapore 738909

Lighthouse Evangelism Tampines (telecast)
1 Tampines Street 82
Singapore 528985

Language: English, with Mandarin translation

Cost: Free

Click here for more information.

About the event

HEAL Singapore is a national evangelistic miracle rally where people gather to pray for and with the sick and afflicted, and partner with them for a breakthrough. The Gospel will also be preached to bear witness to the power of God, His glory and goodness.

The vision is for those who are suffering spiritually, physically, mentally or emotionally to be set free from their afflictions and experience freedom and wholeness in Christ.

What is impossible with man is possible with God (Matthew 19:26).

About the speaker

David Diga Hernandez is an emerging spiritual leader, author and TV host. Based in Southern California, he travels worldwide to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ and heads an anointed evangelistic healing ministry.

When he was born, his parents prayed for him to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit, which is what his ministry is based on. (Watch his testimony below).

About the organisers

Lighthouse Evangelism, together with 3:16 Church, Bethesda Cathedral, Glory Sanctuary, Hope Church, Sembawang Assembly of God, New Life Community Church, as well as Christian organisation Jesus Heal Me and media partner Salt&Light, envision the manifestation of the power of God to heal at events such as this in Singapore and beyond.


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