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"We live in a world that is needing the bread of life. That feeding must come from the Church," says Rev Dominic Yeo. Photo from Rev Yeo's Facebook, used with permission.

Reverend Dominic Yeo of Trinity Christian Centre has been elected Chairman of the World Assemblies of God Fellowship (WAGF). 

He is the first Singaporean and only the second Asian to be elected to the role. International delegates voted for Rev Yeo to assume Chairmanship at the ninth World Assemblies of God Congress in Madrid, Spain, from October 12 to 14, said Trinity Christian Centre in a media release on October 14.

Rev Yeo will lead the world’s largest Pentacostal fellowship comprising 370,000 Assemblies of God churches and 85 million believers.

In his new capacity, Rev Yeo will lead the world’s largest Pentecostal fellowship comprising 370,000 Assemblies of God (AG) churches and 85 million believers, including affiliated churches in 173 nations.

A congratulatory statement released by The Assemblies of God of Singapore on October 12 said: “This new role is a testament of his years of hard work and dedication to our movement.

“May God’s grace and wisdom along with the gifting of Holy Spirit be upon (Rev Yeo) as (he) serves as the Chairman of the WAGF.”

Rev Yeo served as the Lead Pastor of Trinity Christian Centre for 18 years from 2005-2023, handing over leadership of Trinity to Rev Gerald Tan on March 12 this year in order to “serve the global church”.

He continues to serve as Ambassador-at-large of Trinity Christian Centre, which has overseas centres in Australia, Indonesia, Thailand and the United Kingdom.


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