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"We did a lot of things backwards," says Hannah. "Where others dated, we got engaged first. We only began holding hands after that. Where others fell in love at the beginning, we only fell in love after deciding to marry each other." All photos from Hannah Yeoh's Facebook.

“There is no other way to tell the incredible love story of Ram and I but to tell it like it happened,” says Malaysia’s Minister Hannah Yeoh, 43, with her trademark candour.

“A lot of it defies logic.

“We did not date the way couples do before deciding to get married. Romance and love only came about after our decision to marry.

Hannah Yeoh on her foray into polictics

Hannah Yeoh went into politics at 29 “with one purpose, and that is to show that there are no dark areas that are too dark for our light to work.” Two days ago (Dec 3), Yeoh, the Segambut Member of Parliament was promoted to a full minister leading the Ministry of Youth and Sports under the administration of Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

“The first time we held hands was after we got engaged. Ours was literally a marriage made in heaven.”

“The incredible love story of Ram and I defies logic.”

Read Yeoh’s story of how a pastor friend, James, interrupted a casual supper catch-up among friends in a small Bangsar restoran to give in to a sudden urge for them all to pray. As the friends bowed their heads, James straightened up, looked her straight in the eye and said: “Hannah, you’re going to receive a marriage proposal in June. Your husband will be a godly man.”

The thing is, it was already January and she was still “steadfastly single”. 

Unknown to her, however, a young man on the other side of town was receiving divine confirmation that she would be his bride.

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