Courageous Caitie

As little Caitlin "Caitie" Lucas battled a rare childhood cancer, she held fast to Jesus. Whenever her mother told her: "I love you the most", Caitie would respond: "But Jesus loves me more than most!" Photo from

Most people pass on quietly, with friends and family by their side.

But when three-year-old Caitlin “Caitie” Lucas lost her life to cancer, her story was shared with millions. 

What had touched and inspired these people was her tenacity and simple faith in Jesus, which her parents, Feliz and Jay Jay, had shared on a Facebook page and in a video by Faith Out Loud, which went viral and chalked up more than 5 million views.

The family’s ordeal began in September 2015, when Caitlin, or Caitie as she is fondly known, started to develop skin lesions that looked like insect bites. This was followed by more serious symptoms like an enlarged spleen and liver, low platelet count and chronic diarrhoea. 

Courageous Caitie the night before she died

Courageous Caitie the night before she succumbed to the cancer.

The family flew to Singapore in February 2016, where doctors from the National University Hospital diagnosed Caitie with juvenile myelomonocytic leukaemia (JMML), a rare blood disorder that affects only one in a million children in America.

Despite this, Caitie displayed tremendous strength and bravery and continued to smile, play and sing “Jesus Loves the Little Children” even as she endured numerous wires and needles. 

Her parents chronicled her medical journey and grit on a Facebook page, aptly called “Courageous Caitie”, which moved many hearts and quickly garnered a following of more than 600,000 people around the world. 

“As a mother, it was so difficult to say, ‘Lord, I love You more than Caitie, and if You want to take her home, okay’,” said Feliz. “It was just so difficult. But you realise that Jesus is enough.”

Jay Jay added: “We love her. But there is Someone who loves her even more. And that’s Jesus.”

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