The doctor told Uncle Goh his leg could never be healed – but the impossible happened

By Goh Hock Chye for Uncle Goh // November 25, 2022, 3:49 pm

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Coming to Christ in his 70s, Uncle Goh is living proof that “the Lord is not slow in keeping his promise, as some understand slowness. Instead he is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance.” (2 Peter 3:9) All photos courtesy of the Goh family.

Uncle Goh Kim Kwang, a caretaker at a church, suffered a bad fall in 2008.

After that, he often felt pain in his leg. The pain would rise but subside and go away after some rest and stretching.

But one morning in 2011, Uncle Goh woke up and felt such immense pain that he could not walk. He was 71 at the time.

Out of desperation, he asked his daughter to call for an ambulance.

Uncle Goh was not a Christian at time of his injury. His son, Hock Chye – the CEO of Cru Singapore – felt helpless as he was on a year’s attachment in the US and could not rush back to help his father.

Through his son Hock Chye, Uncle Goh, now 82, tells his story:

On the morning I was taken to the hospital, the specialist sent me to have an X-ray.

The nurses took me there in a wheelchair. I expected the worst, given my age and past injuries.

The specialist replied that it was hopeless. Not even an operation could restore my leg.

Later, when the specialist looked at the results of the X-rays, he pointed out that my leg joint was seriously twisted.

I asked if it was at all possible for him to re-align it.

He replied that it was hopeless. Not even an operation could restore my leg because of my old age.

With no other options, he gave me an injection to manage the pain and discharged me. He advised me not to go out too much and to try to stay at home.

So I stopped going to church to work.

At my wits’ end

The pain persisted and I couldn’t walk with ease. Every step I took hurt.

As I raised my hand, I started to cry.

Members from the Hokkien service at Bethesda (Bedok-Tampines) Church where I worked missed me and came to visit. I wasn’t a Christian at that time.

They told me about God’s love. One man shared his testimony and his personal encounter with Jesus.

After that, they offered to pray for my leg. I gladly agreed.

They also asked if I wanted to accept Jesus into my life.

Suddenly, I remembered that my mum once told me: “If you’re at your wits’ end, call out to Jesus. He will help you.”

This memory moved me to open my heart to invite Jesus into my life. I wanted to experience God’s love for myself.

Uncle Goh and his wife.

As I raised my hand, I started to cry. I felt so sorry that I had taken so long to come to Him.

I felt really terrible that I had only come running to Him when I was in trouble.

Dream encounter

After praying for me, my friends left.

My daughter asked: “Father, you can walk comfortably without limping already?”

At first, I didn’t notice anything. But as I was clearing the table, I realised that my leg seemed to feel fine. I wasn’t sure, so I didn’t tell anyone.

My daughter also observed that my leg was better.

She asked: “Father, you can walk comfortably without limping already?”

But I told her: “Shh! Don’t tell anyone yet.”

That night, I had a dream of Jesus. He looked really beautiful and He held my hand and smiled at me. I think He was amused by how long it took me to finally call out to Him.

“I think God was amused by how long it took me to finally call out to Him,” said Uncle Goh.

Then I woke up.

I glanced at the clock. It was around 3.30am.

In Shangdi’s club now

After a few weeks, I went back to the hospital to have my leg checked.

The specialist was very surprised that I was healed.

He asked me if I had taken any special medication. I told him “no”.

“So how is it that your leg has fully recovered?” he asked.

Uncle Goh sharing in Hokkien how the doctor told him there was no way to fix his leg. Screenshot from Uncle Goh’s video testimony.

“Oh doctor,” I said. “You told me there is no hope for my recovery. But I called to Shangdi (God) and He healed me.”

I told him how friends from the Hokkien ministry at the church I worked at had prayed for me – and I was healed.

I also told him about the dream I had of Jesus. The doctor recorded everything I said in his notes.

He then asked me if I was a Christian.

I told him: “I’m in Shangdi’s club now.”

The doctor shared that he was also a Christian, and he congratulated me.

Said Uncle Goh’s son, Hock Chye: “It was only through the prayers of many that we were able to trust that God would intervene in the hopeless situation, and intervene He did. I remain very grateful to God for showing up when things seemed bleak, and He revealed Himself to Dad.”

I told him: “Although my son was a Christian, I worshipped idols.

“Only when there was no other way out, when I was at the end of my rope, did I finally look to God as my helper.

“But look at me now: I’m walking!”

Uncle Goh today

In 2012, at 72 years of age, Uncle Goh publicly declared his faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Now at age 82, Uncle Goh keeps himself busy by visiting various food centres in the east of Singapore to catch up with friends and have a good breakfast. He then returns home to tend to his flowers and plants, and keep the home tidy and clean.

“Angels” came to visit Uncle Goh, who was told by the doctor to stay at home. Afterwards, a divine encounter at 3.30am changed his life.

On weekends, he goes out with his wife to visit places of interest. Uncle Goh also makes sure to attend the Saturday Hokkien Service regularly.

This article was first published in Stories of Hope. It was based on a testimony in Journey Through the Seasons by Bethesda (Bedok-Tampines) Church.


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By Goh Hock Chye for Uncle Goh

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