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For the first time, the annual Day of His Power will be livestreamed in separate English and Chinese events this year, to see houses of prayer light up across the nation.

The LoveSingapore event, held every year before National Day to unite believers in interceding for Singapore, usually takes place onsite with an attendance of thousands. But due to Covid restrictions, the event will go online for a second year running.

Join in for the annual Day of His Power, livestreamed over Youtube and Facebook, on:

Friday • 6 August • 8pm

Sunday • 8 August • 8pm

Or via LoveSingapore’s channels:
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Make your home a living sanctuary

The format and content of this year’s digital Day of His Power has been significantly shaped by the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

Based on the theme of H.O.P.E. (Houses of Prayer Everywhere), the event will see prayers across the nation in twos and threes, within safety guidelines, or as a cell group over Zoom.

“In this pandemic, joy is in short supply. God promises His Family joy in His house of prayer.” (Isaiah 56:7)

“This National Day weekend, with great joy, we shall together offer up a sacrifice of praise to God on behalf of Church and Nation,” said Pastor Lawrence Khong, LoveSingapore’s chairman. “Instead of many people in one venue, we will be one people in many venues. Imagine, houses of prayer all across Singapore. 

“We encourage believers of all stripes and colours, regardless of church or denomination, to gather and make your home a living sanctuary. Light your family altar by praying as a family. Or as a cell group, pray online with one another. Or as a circle of friends, tune in and participate.”

He added: “Houses of prayer – what a picture of humility. We come to God in brokenness and gratitude to offer ourselves as living sacrifices.

“A picture of unity: We come with singleness of heart to pray and seek His face.

“A picture of family: We come as one people, one community of faith under one Father.

“In this pandemic, joy is in short supply. God promises His Family joy in His house of prayer. (Isaiah 56:7) In His presence there is fullness of joy.” (Psalm 16:11)

The annual event was first held as Day to Change Our World in 1994 – the year before the network of churches adopted the LoveSingapore name – and later renamed Day of His Power in 2005. It has taken place in all but three years since 1994.

“Your people will offer themselves willingly in the day of your power.” (Psalm 110:3)


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