How to watch Day of His Power 2020, tonight at 7.30pm

by Edric Sng // August 7, 2020, 3:44 pm

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This year, instead of congregating believers in a single, large venue, Day of His Power 2020 – the first time the event is held online-only – will see the incense of prayer being lifted across Singapore.

The aim: To have Christians spread out in their homes or small groups across the island, praying and interceding for their homes and their immediate neighbourhoods.

Day of His Power 2020 will premiere at 7.30pm (Singapore time) on Friday, August 7. You can join in the event, which will run till 9.10pm, on YouTube and Facebook.






Held almost every year since 1994

The annual event was first held as Day to Change Our World in 1994 – the year before the network of churches adopted the LoveSingapore name – and later renamed Day of His Power in 2005. It has taken place in all but 3 years since 1994.

“These extraordinary times raise important, difficult but necessary questions.”

The format and content of this year’s digital Day of His Power has been significantly shaped by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

“These extraordinary times raise important, difficult but necessary questions,” LoveSingapore said in a Facebook post.

“In this year’s Day of His Power, away from the roar of the crowd and in the selah stillness of this socially-distanced season, we gather apostles, prophets, evangelists, preachers and teachers of all stripes to discuss:

  • Segment 1: What is the State of the Church of Singapore?
  • Segment 2: What is the State of the Family in Singapore?
  • Segment 3: How can we Love Singapore Block by Block?

“Join us wherever you are. Join us from your homes, in your cell groups, in your Sanctuary. Join us in spirit and in true worship. Join us as one united Church, acknowledging we are sons and daughters of one Lord, who sits Sovereign on the Throne.

“Join us as we witness how God is moving in the Day of His Power!”

Among the speakers are outgoing Anglican Bishop Rennis Ponniah; founder of the Global Alliance of Intentional Disciplemaking Churches Rev Edmund Chan; LoveSingapore Chairman Lawrence Khong; Jason Wong, a key figure in the Elijah7000 movement; 3:16 Church Senior Pastor Ian Toh; Living Sanctuary Brethren Church Senior Pastor Lawrence Chua; Victory Family Centre Senior Pastor Jeremy Seaward; and Hope Singapore Senior Pastor Jeff Chong.

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