Local singer Zeng Yongheng overcomes COVID-19 despite pre-existing heart condition

Chen Ying Jie (Translated by Tan Huey Ying) // April 6, 2020, 4:14 pm

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Local singer Zheng Yong Heng healed extraordinarily quickly after testing positive for COVID-19. 本地著名歌手曾永恒3月18日因发烧入院,被确诊感染新冠病毒,8天后痊愈出院。对于心脏严重受损的人而言,这是何等的奇迹。“医生说我是最快康复的病人,哈利路亚!” Photo by 曾永恒

You heal me
Turning my bitter grief into sweetness
Making my life a miracle

With the coronavirus raging through the world resulting in school closures, city lockdowns and stock market crashes, where does our Hope lie?

Zeng Yongheng, a local Chinese singer, tested positive for COVID-19 on March 18 after being admitted to the hospital for a fever. Eight days later, he was discharged after a full recovery.

“The doctors said that I was the fastest-recovering patient – I don’t need any medication nor do I need to be isolated any more, I can go back home immediately!” Yongheng told me over the phone, his voice full of emotion and joy.

Yongheng attributed his recovery to the grace of God, who won this sweet victory for his health.

“The doctors said that I was the fastest-recovering patient!”

Yongheng is no stranger to death and disease. Last year, he survived a stroke caused by heart failure­ – it was his first experience of God’s miraculous healing.

Despite having tested positive for the coronavirus, Yongheng knew, deep in his heart, that no matter what happened, God’s perfect will would be done.

Whilst warded in the hospital, Yongheng clung tightly to the promises of God through prayer.

On the third day of Yongheng’s hospitalisation, his fever subsided and he felt much better. For a person with pre-existing heart condition, this was indeed a miracle.

But what he was more grateful for, was the fact that neither his wife nor children had been infected with the virus.

Yongheng believes that his experience is not mere misfortune, but is something that will be an encouragement and help to many!

The love of God brings power to those on whom it rests, giving them a hope that never fails.

As a close contact of Yongheng, I was put on a Quarantine Order as well. When I received the news, I was anxious. I worried for Yongheng’s well-being and those around me whom I might have put at risk. If I was infected as well, had I unknowingly infected my colleagues and friends, causing disruption and panic?

The love of God brings power to those on whom it rests, giving them a hope that never fails.

But there was nothing I could do except to entrust all my worries to God.

On the first day at home serving out my Quarantine Order, I scalded my wrist and on the second day, I accidentally cut my finger – some would suggest that this was an example of the proverb “misfortune never happens once” – despite all this, God gave me an unexpected peace.

In two short days, both wounds healed well, without pain, itchiness nor inflammation.

I was actually happier in isolation than I usually am! It has been an enriching and fulfilling time working from home, watching television series, working out and doing my devotions.

Nothing in this world can separate us from the love of Christ, because we know that He has overcome the world.

This story was translated from Chinese (below).



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