A prayer for all children who’ve received PSLE results

Elder Jimmy Tan // November 24, 2022, 4:44 pm


A student receiving his PSLE results in 2021. Photo by Teck Ghee Primary School on Flickr.

Dear Abba Father of us all,

We celebrate our children receiving their PSLE (Primary School Leaving Exam) results yesterday (November 23).

May they know and experience your acceptance and presence, as they look to you and their parents for loving affirmation – whatever results they have achieved.

“In everything, give thanks”, You command, and so we humbly respond accordingly, thanking You first and always, and even now.

Their worth is not calculated by their competence, but by Your character forming in them.

Help us know that these precious young ones, on the threshold of adolescence, are not defined by their grades but by Your good work in and for them, because Christ Your Son gave His life for them. This is their highest congratulations.

Neither is their worth calculated by their competence but by Your character forming in them. These include invaluable qualities of resilience and perseverance despite what circumstances the year has wrought, their love and care for others, and the ongoing journey of humble obedience – the very attributes Jesus modelled for us.

These are the precious intangibles and sturdy stepping stones that go infinitely further than any single academic milestone.

Guide each child, Lord, as they navigate their next steps with their parents. May they once again trust in Your providence and perfect will.

May they cast all anxieties on You, tempted as we all are to compare ourselves with others, or worry about the what-if’s that are out of our control.

May we lean on Your grace as we evaluate missteps or regrets and learn to forgive ourselves in the process.

We celebrate them with You today, and we rejoice in the hope they have in Christ when they entrust their lives and future to You.

May we know You know what’s best and that the next school will be the one You have chosen for them.

We truly thank You, Lord, for the good examples their young lives have displayed, the joy each has brought to their parents, family and friends and the fledgling faith they profess.

Help us remember that You are their Maker and that You draw them near with reserved front row seats at Your throne of grace for their exemplary childlike faith.

So we celebrate them with You today, cheering on their individual and unique strengths and personalities. And we rejoice in the hope they have in Christ when they entrust their lives and future to You.

We pray for much grace and peace to rest upon these young ones and their parents or guardians today.

In Jesus’ Name, we pray.



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